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We grow and ship both garden size and farm size quantities of Colorado Certified Seed Potatoes. This is the place for gardeners, farmers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in potatoes. Each potato variety has it's own page with the ability to purchase when available.

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Updated 11/25/2019

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Shipping week of November 24th

We are currently shipping orders this week, including orders scheduled to go out in December. The temperatures will be dropping below 20 degrees after this week. This is too cold to ship from Colorado, even if we insulate the boxes. Therefore, we are scheduling our next shipment to go out from Phoenix, AZ, in the first or second week of January. We will also schedule another winter shipment in February.

Shipping in January and February

In January and February, we will be shipping from Phoenix, AZ. We will ship at least one time in January and one time in February. The orders must go to the most southern parts of the southern states. Otherwise, the seed potatoes will freeze. We will not ship to areas with temperatures well below freezing during these two months, or for that matter, any week of the year with temperatures below freezing. It's iffy if you live in the northern parts of the southern states but sometimes possible. It's iffy if you live in warmer maritime climates because the orders still have to go up through northern California and Oregon, for example. We check the forecast each week to make sure temperatures are warm enough for the seed potatoes to make it to you. Sometimes there are storms that cause freezing and we hold on to the seed potatoes, even on these southern shipments.

Shipping in March and April

Our normal shipping begins in March. Occasionally, there are delays in the first two weeks of March because of storms that can keep the temperatures too low for shipping. Our main shipping season happens from March 15th to May 1st.

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