dendrobium spectabile - the alien orchid (baby clara)

Dendrobium Spectabile: The Most Unusual and Stunning Orchid

Dendrobium Spectabile is a Latouria type of Dendrobium orchid that is found as an epiphyte and sometimes as a lithophyte in the lowland swamps and mangrove forests of the jungle. We have...
bright green agapanthus leaves

Agapanthus Leaves Turning Yellow: A List of All the Potential Culprits

Agapanthus leaves turning yellow should always get your attention because it is almost always a sign of trouble. Many people don't know how to diagnose what the problem is in the...
Philodendron Golden Goddess Plant

Philodendron Golden Goddess: Get to Know this Colorful Plant

Philodendron Golden Goddess is the perfect plant to add to your home garden if you want to add some vibrant colors to your home. It has bright yellow-green foliage making it look...